Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit

2018-01-27 Clinical Area of the Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit

The Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit offers a range of services in the field of hyperbaric medicine, vascular surgery, vascular investigations and wound care in a facility that exceeds national and international standards and guidelines. The Unit aims to treat patients according to the highest ethical, scientific and safety standards, while maintaining their dignity in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Treatment is done under the supervision of a Hyperbaric Physician (Dr Gregory Weir) and a Hyperbaric Operator (Mr Dirk Knoetze) who are both appropriately trained and qualified in hyperbaric medicine. They are immediately available throughout the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a facility that is located inside a hospital and adjacent to a Level 1 Trauma Unit.

Dr Gregory Weir is a registered and certified Vascular Surgeon. After completing his pre-graduate medical studies and specialising in General Surgery, he sub-specialised and completed the South African College of Medicine's exams in Vascular Surgery. His interest in treating patients with complex wounds, contributed to formal training in advanced wound care (International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course, University of Stellenbosch) and formal training in hyperbaric medicine (Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Staff Training Course).

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The purpose of this web site is to offer Dr Weir’s patients and their families access to information regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy in general as well as specific information on certain disease processes that are treated using this modality. The information on this site does not necessarily apply to all patients with the same diagnosis. If you are not a patient of Dr Weir, please do not regard the information on this website as a substitute for a thorough assessment by a qualified health care provider. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Patients and their family members are welcome to e-mail any questions related to their vascular disease to [email protected]

Afrikaanssprekende pasiënte en hulle families word uitgenooi om hul navrae in Afrikaans te rig aan [email protected]

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2018-01-27 Clinical Area of the Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit

Above: The Vascular & Hyperbaric Unit has a large clinical area where Vascular Laboratory investigations, Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is done.